Bluetooth’d Films On London Underground

Bluetooth on London underground - High-tech for high-tech's sake?The easy way of getting “content” into a mobile phone, would be just to print 2D barcodes. However, Viacom Outdoor has started a rather more challenging experiment, fitting London Underground posters with Bluetooth transmitters.

The main reason Viacom has to do this, is that there’s no cellphone coverage in London’s deep-level underground railways – the Bakerloo, Victoria, Northern, Piccadilly and Central lines.

The network is said to be permanent, and was promoted as “Meet today’s underground filmmakers” with FourDocs on Channel 4 television. The initial posters are in the inner city, and there are fifteen Bluetooth “jacks” built by Wideray.

Anybody within range can request a download of a four minute documentary.

The project was put together by PosterScope and we understand that Viacom has opened up the project to advertisers.

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