Search Safe: UK Gov Advises Parents

ofcomwatch-logoThe Home Office’s Internet Task Force yesterday published guidance aimed at advising parents on how to keep children safe when using the Internet, mobile phones or other means.

The simple document covers:

  • What an Internet search actually is, why users sees the results they do and how search is generally made available on the internet
  • Advice for parents and carers on safe searching
  • Guidance for service providers and what they can do to make searching on the internet as safe as possible for children

The document discusses the variety of searches you can make and how this affects the results you get.

Search Safe: UK Gov Advises ParentsIt also provides practical guidance on how to use search effectively but safely, for example, by monitoring or filtering your search results.

Home Office Task Force on Child Protection on the Internet: Good practice guidance for search service providers and advice to the public on how to search safely (PDF)