Nokia and CHT Organize 1st Mobile Film Festival in Asia Pacific (News Release)

Nokia is working hand in hand with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the leading operator in Taiwan to organize the first Mobile Film Festival in Asia Pacific from September 27th to November 9th. During the festival, Taiwan’s first-ever contest for creative self-directed mobisodes will be held. Mobisodes are brief videos specifically designed to be watched on a mobile phone.

The Mobile Film Festival will feature ten newly directed films, including Confession at the Front Line by Chun-Chien Lien, BOY-9-7-6-5-2-0-GIRL by Hung-I Chen, A Traveler’s Odyssey by Po-Liang Lin, Sleepwalking by Mo!relax Team, Ji-shiang Chen, Hong-Bin Chen’s G man, and another five remarkable films by talented college students like De Flower by Chia-Jen Chen. The concept for the mobisodes is based on how a ‘phone’ is interpreted by the individual directors, inspiring new thinking and novelty. During the festival, 3G subscribers in Taiwan can view the mobisodes at a promotional rate.

Mobile communications is being transformed from voice to multimedia comprising messaging, Internet access, video and film. These changes are redefining people’s lifestyle and are opening up new frontiers also in film making.

The ten directors featured at the festival will discuss how the mobile phone, acting as the next-generation media, will impact the creative sector, general audiences, and movie industry. Directors may leverage the varying screen size and viewing direction to create mobisodes, photography, and visual arts. A new set of rules can apply to the acting, subtitles, soundtrack and dialog, expanding the creativity space. Some directors suggest short mobile films will become the trend, which will attract more creative talents to mobile cinematography.

Best of all, the public is free to choose when and where to view mobisodes. Mobisodes will revolutionize creativity and viewing habits to let mobile subscribers truly experience how “Life Goes Mobile”.

Taiwan entered the 3G multimedia era earlier this year, giving the region’s telecom industry the opportunity to offer rich and diversified services such as mobisodes. The local mobile market is eager to experience the many facets of 3G contents and applications.

“Nokia is promoting the ‘Life Goes Mobile’ concept with our state-of-the-art technology and products,” says Mike Wang, Regional General Manger, Networks, Nokia. “With the inauguration of our 3G based Mobile Services Development Center last week in Taiwan, Nokia has the platform to turn mobility life into a reality. We will team up with operators and partners to create innovative, value-added mobile content that dovetail with Taiwan’s consumers’ needs.”