PSP Launches In UK To Big Queues

After having made the UK wait nearly 9 months since the launch of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in Japan, the BBC are reporting that enthusiastic potential owners of PSP’s have been queuing for 12 hours or more to get their hands on them.

The original UK release date was knocked back after Sony said it needed to provide the product to the US.

Those UK’ers who couldn’t wait for the much-desired, multi-media device to arrive had an avenue closed to them after Sony successfully took legal action against grey-importers of Japanese and US equipment.

The Japanese giant cited infringement of their trademark, claiming that the provision through these paths could not guarantee the quality of the product.

The UK PSP sells for £179 (249 euros), but it is understood that many shops have pre-sold most, if not all of their allocation of initial stock.

The BBC quoted one 36-year old gamer who had queued for a massive 11 hours to pick up his PSP.

Whilst we respect his dedication to the cause of all things Playstation, we hope we never reach that level of obsession with gaming.

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