Laptops Being Packed By More Holidaymakers

Laptops Being Packed By More HolidaymakersFeebly posing as some sort of independent study into the portable computer use, a recent US survey commissioned by Intel reveals that 34 per cent of respondents or their families have taken a laptop PC with them on vacation, with just over half likely to take a laptop PC on a future vacation. Oh that’s lucky … aren’t Intel involved with laptops in some way?

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive discovered that the three most popular uses for a laptop PC while on holiday checking personal e-mail (72 per cent); playing movies, music and games (56 per cent); and gathering trip information online (45 per cent).

Despite being on their happy hols, 43 per cent used their laptops for of checking and sending work-related email.

Laptops Being Packed By More HolidaymakersThe growth of compact, wireless-enabled laptop PCs [cue: another plug for Intel Centrino here] and hotspots have made it easier for globe trotters to taunt their office-bound chums back home with beach photos, as well as keep in touch with work, news, sports and grab local information.

“The survey results show that mobile technology is making it easy for travellers to research destinations, be entertained and stay in touch with family and friends while away from home,” said Ralph Bond, Intel consumer education manager, rudely cut out before another plug for Intel Centrino products could be delivered.

The survey also discovered that Hawaiian shirt-toting holidaymakers rated a long battery life (62 per cent), lightweight design (58 per cent) and Wi-Fi (55 per cent) as the most valuable features for a holiday latop. Wow … isn’t that what Centrino’s good at?

Laptops Being Packed By More HolidaymakersOf course, seasoned PC users have dragged laptops around with them for years on end, with many of the early adoptin’ cognoscenti choosing to travel even lighter by using PocketPCs/smartphones for keeping in touch while away from home.

With the growth of iPods, digital wallets and teensy weensy portable hard drives, keen photographers no longer need to lug around a laptop to back up their images, while Wi-Fi enabled PDAs – like the Palm LifeDrive – mean that travellers can access the Internet in-between splashes of sun tan oil and leave more room in their bags for essentials.

Like beer.

We would have provided you with a link to the survey but the page on the Intel site is 404ing.