FT World Mobile Communications Conference

Content is already a significant driver of growth in the mobile communications industry and is forecast to generate more than 40% of non-voice revenue within five years. The explosion in data and entertainment services is forcing mobile operators and their partners to reassess their business models and strategies and rethink how they add and deliver value. To achieve this goal, mobile operators and network providers are working as never before with the software, music and broadcast industries. Cross-sector collaboration has in turn created a unique momentum for content innovation and growth that is benefiting both industry players and end-users in new and exciting ways. The FT World Mobile Communications Conference will focus upon the future of mobile devices as vehicles for content delivery and the impact this evolution is having on the mobile industry value chain. Speakers at the forefront of mobile communications and content provision will explore the delivery methods which consumers will be likely to choose and use, assess the impact which next generation networks are having upon content creation and delivery, and examine the true implications of interoperability as 3G comes of age. London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square http://www.ftconferences.com/mobile