Skype Handset, Siemens M34/S440 Competition Winner

At last, (if not a little behind schedule) …

Bernard HerbertCongratulations to Bernard Herbert of Belgium, as he has won the Skype-friendly Siemens USB adaptor and Handset combo in our recent readers competition. When we spoke to Bernard, via Skype of course, he was delighted, “It’s going to be of help every day,” he enthused. It’s currently not available in Belgium, so Bernard will have a one-off.

You may remember that we also got quite excited about it in our exclusive review. We’re going to miss this baby at the Digital-Lifestyles offices. It’s become part of our daily tech toolkit.

Many thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. We really appreciate the feedback.

We’ve had a lot of people contact us asking when the Siemens kit will be available in their country. The official word from them is they’re “in discussions”>If you’re interested in the combo, drop us a quick note to Siemens.Skype(at) We’d be happy to pass them on to Siemens, with the vague possibility that it might hasten their introduction in your country.

Simon Perry