The Mobile Music Summit: Maximising The Potential & Profits Of Advanced Mobile Music Services

Music distribution & retailing is changing rapidly. Online music distribution is already revolutionising the music industry, and mobile music distribution may have the same impact. Mobile ringtone sales, by many analyst’s estimates, already account for 10% of the global music market. With the recent introduction of real tones and ring back tones, the ringtone share of the total global music market may continue to rise dramatically in the near future. However, it is the rise of full track mobile music download and streaming services that may have most commercial impact on the music industry, and on the uptake of mobile data services. The Mobile Music Summit will analyse this emergent mobile music market in depth, providing expert insight into the key trends, challenges and opportunities within the current and future mobile music market. The Mobile Music Summit will feature over 20 presentations from leading experts and practitioners in the field of mobile music. One Whitehall Place, London