Napster More Recognisable Than iTunes, Survey

In a recent US survey by Ipsos-Insight, Napster has come out as the most recognised pay-for music download service. When presented with a list of services, Napster scored 79% recognition over iTunes, which hit 46%. More details are in the press release, but RealPlayer Music Store and MusicMatch weren’t that far behind around the 40% level.

We think that Napster has a huge debt of gratitude to pay to the RIAA and the US recording industry for their original barrage of anti-Napster press. What is surprising is iTunes wasn’t higher, we suspect there’s some confusion in the mind of the consumer with so much noise being made about iPod, iTunes becomes eclipsed.

Apple workers at 1 Infinite Loop can breathe a sign of relief about the quality of their offering. When asked which was the “best” fee-based service, 31% of the respondents rated iTunes the tops, leaving Napster trailing at 23%.

IPSOS research