Verizon Wireless Rolls out EV-DO to 14 US Areas

Verizon Wireless are to start to provide higher-speed wireless Internet access in an additional eleven areas of America, reports the WSJ.

The carrier has said it plans to spend $1 billion this year and next upgrading its cellular network to support EV-DO. EV-DO, which stands for “Evolution, Data Only”, is a 3G standard with a theoretical bandwidth of up to 2.4 mbps, but under normal working conditions provides an average of 300-600 kbps.

Verizon is planning to charge business users $80/month (~€65, ~£45) to access the service. The datacards are currently around $400 (~€326, ~£222).

As of Monday, markets covered by Verizon Wireless’s new network include Baltimore; Philadelphia; Wilmington, Del.; Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Tampa, Fla.; Milwaukee; Kansas City, Mo.; Austin, Texas, and cities in New Jersey.

The cellular companies clearly feel they have to do something to counter the threat that WiFi networks combined VoIP bring, potential decimating their highly profitable business.

WSJ (reg. req.)