Sony Shift to Support MP3

Those super sharp cookies at CNet are reporting that Sony has confirmed that it is working on support for MP3’s on its portable music players. Until now Sony has steadfastly refused to support any other format apart from their own Atrac music format on their portable music player. This is despite their Clie PDA’s have MP3 support.

“We’re discussing plans to bring flash players to the United States that support MP3 files, but we have nothing to announce at this time,” Gretchen Griswold, a representative of Sony Electronics, told ZDNet France, a CNet affiliate. There is no official word on whether this will shift to hard disc players as well.

Having established the portable music market with the original Sony Walkman, Sony has failed seriously behind with digital media players, to the point that they aren’t even in the top five suppliers.


CNet – Sony to support MP3