TouchTunes patent links gaming machines to jukeboxes

This week TouchTunes, a provider of digital-downloading jukeboxes across the United States, announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued another patent (# 6,775,744 ) in its favour.

The new technology patent covers a “Communication device and method between an audiovisual information playback system and an electronic game machine”.  Unable to reach representatives of TouchTunes, we have scanned the patent to try to get an understanding of the patents relevance and have come up with –

  • transferring payment from the video games machine to the jukebox
  • selecting the music on the juke box from the games machine
  • transferring the points won in the video game to be used as credits on the Jukebox
  • transferring information from the games machine, through the jukebox at the premises to the remote server

The company already has a portfolio in excess of 16 patents granted in both the US and Europe. It has continuously filed for intellectual property (IP) protection in areas relegated to their business model and products.

Speaking about the new patent John Perrachon, President & CEO of TouchTunes’ commented; “TouchTunes has been working diligently to develop world-class music-on-demand products and has developed interesting technical innovations it felt needed to be protected. These patents recognize the unique proprietary intellectual software and hardware inventions developed and implemented for its music-on-demand products.”

Developing technology since 1993, the company is a pioneer in digitally downloading music for music-on-demand systems and applications.

Dan McAllister, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TouchTunes said; “This addition continues to demonstrate our commitment to distribution in the coin-op market.”

TouchTunes has signed agreements with key industry players including Sony, EMI, BMG, Universal, Warner and their music subsidiaries. They have also signed agreements with various independent labels including Jive, Beggars Banquet and Epitaph Records.

US Patent 6,755,744