E3 Games Show

E3 Then
The Start of Something Big

In 1995, the Electronic Entertainment Expo was held for the first time. Video games were based on 16-bit technology and 3D graphics were the exception, not the norm. Few beyond those immediately involved in the medium of PC and video games took notice. That first year, E3 exhibitors numbered far fewer than today’s. E3‘s inaugural event set a new standard for tradeshow launches. It was clearly the beginning of something big.

E3 Now
Clearly the Best

Today, the interactive entertainment industry is in growth mode. It has mindshare comparable to any major sports league-and it partners with them all. Hollywood talent vies to be included in game productions, and established writers whose books sell millions and musicians whose albums have gone platinum two and three times over also contribute to the medium. Technology now brings interactive entertainment to mobile phones, the Web, and networked consoles. As the industry has grown, so has E3. Each year, E3 attracts more media, more international attention, is more productive, and is more fun.

E3 Next
It’s Up to You

Today, the industry is poised for continued growth. Games and game culture continue to convert more and more consumers. Game brands and franchises are increasing their reach, and an industry that once thought in terms of local markets now thinks globally. As E3 approaches its tenth anniversary and peers into the next decade, be assured it will continue to provide a marketplace for ideas and commerce to an industry that continues to grow and evolve. What happens next is up to the exhibitors and attendees of E3 2004 and beyond. What happens next is up to you.