Wireless Broadband Week

UK telco, BT, is offering free Wireless Internet access for a week starting today Monday, 26 January 2004.

Simply sign up on the BT Openzone site and cost-free WiFi access is available at their 1,700 hotspot venues around the UK.

Many sites already offer either permanent cost-free (consume.net), or free-if-you-buy-stuff (benugo) wireless access, but do not have the marketing budgets BT have.

Openzone recently launched a Pay-as-you-go service, which they say caters for the occasional WiFi user. Bundle of credits can be bought in advance of usage and access prices start at 20 pence per minute.

BT have been pleased with the increased usage of with WiFi hotspots and they report a 300 per cent increase in the number of minutes of activity on the BT Openzone network over the past three months. They plan to have 4,000 sites operating by this summer.

BT Wireless Broadband Week