IFPI Report Positive on Digital Music

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) published a report yesterday where they stated that the music business has now got to grips with digital music distribution and sees 2004 as the year it take root with the consumer.

They feel the IFPI Online Music Report 2004 takes a thorough, global look at the music business and includes the results of a surveys they have funded investigating digital music habits in Denmark, France, Germany and UK. It shows that two thirds of those surveyed thought that downloading commercial music without paying for it was wrong, but worryingly for the marketing departments of the online music sellers, only a quarter of the same respondent know that there are now commercial services available. One sign of encouragement for them is their figure show that half million European user have signed up to sites that sell downloadable music. Figures of how many of them have paid for tracks were not detailed.

The IFPI are keen to stress the relationship between the music industries anti-piracy campaign and the consumers uptake of pay-for digital music. We feel what is far more likely is that commercial download service have now actually become usable in the way the consumer feel comfortable with, at a price they are content to pay – previously this has not been the case.

IFPI online music report 2004 (PDF)