Sky earmark £20m to promote Sky+, their DVR

Further underlining their enthusiasm to sell Sky+, their integrated Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Sky is committing £20m to its advertising campaign, which they say will make it the biggest campaign since they launched Sky digital five years ago.

Many teaser posters have already been seen around London and these will be supplemented with sponsorship of Virgin’s breakfast show and by 40” and 10” advertising spots on terrestrial and Sky channels which are aired from today.

The TV adverts features unlikely celebrity couples, demonstrating how Sky+ transforms television viewing. The couples – Bruce Forsyth and Kelly Brook; Ronnie Corbett and Alice Cooper; and Noddy Holder and Simon Callow – are shown living together and debating what to watch on television. The major message is “Sky+, Create your own TV channel”

The selling of the DVR has always been very hard to do, and many hold the Sky approach as a great way of doing it – with the core message of Sky+ being “It’s just like Sky, but a bit more”, and not confusing potential purchasers by instantly attempting to explain the whizz bang features.