“Is 99c too much for online music?” poll shows interesting splits

A recent Billboard poll of just over 9,000 votes has just released its results. When asked if they thought that 99c was too much to pay for a single music track, there responses were –

32% – 99c too much
29% – why pay when I can download for free?
22% – OK if the quality and selection of the tracks is good
17% – fair amount, “based on what you have to pay for an album.”

There are a couple of few ways at looking at this.

  • There’s a rough three way split between the price being OK (39%), people wanting it for free (29%) and the price is too high (32%).
  • 61% are not being happy to pay 99c because either it’s viewed as too much or they have no intention of paying for it no matter how cheap it is and 39% (22% + 17%) thinking that the cost is reasonable.
  • Of those prepared to pay for music online, more are willing to the pay the 99c price – 39% vs 32%.

It’s important to remember that this poll isn’t fully representative of the general public as it was taken online, therefore is biased toward people who are already online, are enthused enough to fill out a poll and visit the Billboard site.

Time will tell if UK customer will be prepared to pay more more than 99c per track when the Link