Motorola Phone Sales And Profits Soar

Motorola Phone Sales And Profits SoarMobile phone heavyweights Motorola, have reported bumper earnings for the third quarter, with profits more than tripling after record sales.

Purring contentedly over a ‘none more black’ balance sheet, Motorola announced that the results for the three months until the end of September revealed a net profit of $1.75bn (~£1bn, ~€1.46bn), compared to $479m from the same period last year.

Motorola Phone Sales And Profits SoarHandsets were up 41% year-on-year with quarterly sales soaring 26% to a new high of $9.42bn, from $7.5bn for the same period in 2004.

The world’s second largest maker of mobile phones also managed to grab a bigger share of the global mobile phone market, barging their way to a fat 19% slice – up 5.5% over the year, and up 1% since the second quarter of 2005.

Since Ed Zander took over as the company’s CEO in 2004 Motorola have been on a roll, with sales and profits heading in a stratospheric direction.

Motorola Phone Sales And Profits Soar“We are very excited about our third quarter results and overall performance year-to-date… Excluding re-organisation charges, all four of Motorola’s businesses grew profitably during the quarter,” said a deeply chuffed Zander.

During the last quarter, Motorola managed to ship 38.7 million mobile phones, including 6.5 million of its fashionable slimline Razr units and a quarter of a million iTunes music phones.

The US company is now forecasting pocket-bulging fourth-quarter sales of $10.3bn.