MegaSIM could give phone SIM’s a boost

Not so much a case of minor to major but more a case of meagre to mega, M-Systems, an Israeli company have given the humble SIM card (the 128Kb card that comes with all GSM phones, holding numbers and contacts) a serious memory boost. Exchanging the SIM for the M-Systems MegaSIM, which can be used by all 2G and 3G GSM service providers for user identification and authentication, and storing phone settings and numbers, is somewhat akin to giving Popeye a can of spinach.

MegaSIM is a fully compatible (U)SIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) that will give you up to 256MB extra storage space (with higher capacities to follow) by simply changing SIM cards, making things easier for users switching devices since all data can be transferred onto a new phone in a now standard way.

It’s only in development stage right now and will not be commercially available until the second half of 2005. It’s a first in the cellular market – a SIM card that combines high-capacity flash-based storage, with densities up to 256 Megabytes, and advanced security storage capacity to enable a variety of mobile applications.

MegaSIM will enable mobile operators to bundle software, applications, and games on one simple secure single-chip solution. Furthermore, it will free mobile network operators and handset vendors from the need to bundle the memory cards that are used in ‘many feature’ and smart phones.

The mobile landscape is changing as mobile handsets increase their multimedia capabilities and network speeds towards broadband. Service providers will respond to the trend by providing secure, scalable and configurable high-capacity storage. The MegaSIM card module will enable SIM card vendors to provide their mobile operator customers with a (U)SIM card enabling a variety of advanced mobile services such as MMS, MP3 and video clips downloading, full PIM functionality, and high-resolution picture storage.