Print Your Fingernails with ImagiNail

It’s Friday, so this is our light-hearted selection.

Following the explosion of nail painting shops in both the US and the UK, some bright spark has come up with the idea of a printer that can decorate your fingernails.

The NailJet Pro appears easy to use; select the pattern or images that you want on your fingernail, apply a preparation coat to the nails, place the hand into the machine (which looks like a clumsy old style DeskJet printer), and finally apply a sealer.

Amazingly the process takes less than seven minutes to decorate all 10 fingers.

The selection of graphics is extraordinary and varied. From letters of the alphabet, through painting to religious symbols, they have it all. Anything they might have left out, can be download to the printer.

We’re now off to get our nails sorted out for the weekend.