AMD outsells Intel-equiped Desktops claims analyst

Intel has had an enormously aggressive period where they have attempted to out Ghz their competition. We now learn that desktop computers fitted with their processors from the competitor, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) have outsold those equipped with Intel.

It is important to get this into perspective. The figures claimed by Current Analysis were only for the week ending April 24 and Current Analysis have only been studying this particular market since November last year. The figures were also just for desktop computers, not portables, where most of the market growth is. Intel currently hold 81 percent of that market.

The analyst, Toni Duboise from Current Analysis appears to not see the AMD-equipped desktop continuing in the same way, citing Intel’s new-this-quarter Grantsdale chipset to return them to dominance. Grantsdale will have faster memory (DDR2 -double data rate 2) and importantly an integrated wireless access point. We feel this is the killer feature, enabling the normal, non-technical user to easily setup their own home network, for file sharing and importantly media sharing.

Current Analysis