TiVo Consumes StrangeBerry

TiVo has announced that it has acquired a company called StrangeBerry. The stock-for-stock deal actually took place on 12 January but the details have only just emerged due to a recent SEC-filing by TiVo. No real details have been released by TiVo as to why they have bought it, but in the filing TiVo describe it as

a small Palo Alto based technology company specializing in using home network and broadband technologies to create new entertainment experiences on television

Very little is known about StrangeBerry and the products they have been working on since its inception in April 2002. What is know is there are only a handful (five) of signed deals with companies like Coke & Fox to place promotional videos on TiVo’s and given TiVo has over one million paid up users, handling this would require a highly scalable solution. StrangeBerry could bring these skills.

Time will tell – but it sounds interesting.

TiVO SEC filing

TiVo announcment about StrangeBerry