Palm Release Tungsten T3 with Landscape Mode

Palm have released three new models, the Tungsten E, the very iPod-looking $99 Zire 21 and the one we find most interesting, the Tungsten T3.

The T3 is the first device from Palm that supports a high-resolution colour screen in landscape, which happens to be 50% larger than any of their previous products, making it, we feel, far more useful for reading document, managing calendars and watching video.

By adding the highly compact, wireless (bluetooth) keyboard it also becomes a much more realistic device for typing text into, whether that be email, documents or spreadsheets.

The only thing we are not quite sure about is what it is going to be like using the combination with the screen sitting on the left of the keyboard.

It is selling at Amazon in the US and is already the 16th bestselling item.

Tungsten T3 at

Tungsten T3