US Triple-Play-Operator to Offer 5Mb Connection to Homes

The RCN Corporation, a US company that offers television, telephone and Internet services delivered over cable, today announced that it will be raising its current 3Mb Internet delivery speed to 5Mb. Their already fast sounding 3Mb service came in a year ago under the tragically named MegaModem. Sadly the new service will be called MegaModem Mach5, but if you’re getting a 5Mb service delivered, you’re not going to argue about the naming.

RCN, who focus on supplying services to densely populated markets in the US and currently service one million connections, say the speed upgrades will happen, at no extra costs, on 15 October.

Significantly, when IP connections are offering this kind of bandwidth, it starts to become realistic for households to have a number of people watching different video streams or listen on different devices around the home.