Don’t forget – free wireless access on One Unwired Day, 25 Sept.

Just in case you were going to forget, the Intel-sponsored One Unwired Day is going to be on 25 September. We would be surprised if you have missed it as it has so been heavily promoted.

To summarise, most of the companies involved in WiFi are getting together to give free access to their wireless networks, at a huge numbers of locations worldwide.

One of the biggest networks in the USA is Boingo who are gold sponsor of the event and will be present at the Wi-Fi festivals held in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. So keen is Boingo for the world  to become wireless, that they are also offering anyone who signs up for the One Unwired Day an additional two months free access.

They are also providing a network sniffer application that shows the wireless networks that are within range of your computer. It is in a similar vain to the long available NetStumbler, but has the added advantage of having a database of addresses around the world that provide free and pay for WiFi access.

We don’t really see One Unwired Day changing the world, but imagine that the huge amount of money that being spent on marketing should slightly raise WiFi in the publics consciousness.

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