Ford to offer SIRIUS satellite radio option

US satellite radio service operator SIRIUS has struck a deal with Ford US to offer their radios as a dealer-installed option on ten different Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in the 2004 model year. Ford say they may expand the offering to other cars in their range.

The $329 device can tune in to 100 radio stations – 60 playing commercial-free music and 40 others covering news and sport – all delivered over satellite. In addition to the apparently clean delivery of music, the name of the artist, song title and category are displayed on the unit. Monthly subscription is $12.95.

Prior to satellite radio, it was not possible to listen to the same radio station when travelling coast-to-coast across the US.

One thing we are not clear on is how potential Ford owners will feel about having to pay for the units when the tuners are currently available free from SIRIUS.