Kingston bring out USB 2.0 data drives

USB drives have become widely popular, within business as well as for personal use. As presenters at business conferences know, if you turn up with your presentation not on one you’re seriously unfashionable. Individuals are using them to share their photo’s, music and video with friends.

The need to pull potentially large files from them in realtime (without copying the data to the local hard drive first) has lead Kingston Technology to bring out the DataTraveler 2.0 line of products. Utilising fast memory and the fast communications of USB 2.0, they have 1/8Gb, 1/4Gb, 1/2Gb and 1Gb models all of which can have their content protected using Kingston’s TravelerSafe software. They range in retail price from $74 – $349 and come with a five year warranty and should hold the data for ten years.