321 Studios are ready to defend MPA legal action

Following the announcement of legal action by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) against DVD copying software company 321 Studios, the companies founder, Robert Moore, and its CEO, Rob Semaan will be coming to the UK on Monday to clarify their position.

They hold a strong belief that individuals should be able to backup copies of their DVD’s and said “Following on from similar lawsuits in the U.S., we have been anticipating this legal action, and are fully prepared to meet it head on.  We will fight it, and are certainly not prepared to take it lying down, or shut up shop and go away.”

The million-plus selling software already has a number of safeguards in place to avoid mass duplication of titles. These include restricting the owners to only make up to three copies of any one DVD and not allowing the copying of copied discs.

Jack Valenti, the MPA President and CEO view is quite different, “The law does not allow for the copying of commercial DVDs, and technologies designed to get round copyright protection are plain unlawful.”

Both parties believe they are right and are ready for a fight in the English High Courts. The lawyers must be pleased.