DI Music – multilayered music format

An interesting new electronic music format is being spoken about as an advance on MP3. DI Music, as it’s being labelled, enables the listener to select the sections of the tracks that are played back in real time – effectively live remixing on playback.

Tracks need to be specifically prepared for this format using software from digimpro and when mixing the track, the recording artist is able include multiple versions of sections of the track eg. different drum tracks could be included. This will obviously take a lot of extra thought and consideration in preparing tracks for release.

We feel this is a very interesting idea as to what may be possible with many different medias, but with no demonstration publicly available to date, it’s hard to judge whether this is something that consumers will be interested in taking advantage of. While a hardcore of music enthusiasts are bound to be interested in this, we suspect that most listeners will find it hard to grab the concept and perhaps even fewer will be interested enough to be actively involved in mixing the tracks they are listening to.