Sky and BT strengthen ADSL relationship

Sky and BT have had a strategic relationship for a long time. Initially it was because Sky needed a return path for their STB’s and back then the only realistic provider of this was a BT phone line. Things went a little frosty a while back when there were rumours that BT might use their network to become a broadcaster but it’s now all lovey-dovey again.

Back in February this year, BT made a know for a while that Sky has had a DSL connected STB/DVR, so clearly a wider take-up for broadband could benefit them in delivering content.

  • Sky customers who subscribe to cheaper packages but will see an advantage for upgrading to get the deal.
  • An unknown is the amount of money that Sky will be paid for each of their subscribers that sign up for the service hasn’t been disclosed.
  • I would also assume that BT has had to give legal assurances that it will not use the ADSL lines to provide content that will compete again Sky.
  • BT will get to strengthen their hold on UK broadband subscribers.

    Quite a good deal to Sky then at first glance.