Film world tries to fashion digital future

There has been a lot of worried people in the film world since Napster became mainstream. They’re paranoid about people stealing movies, in the same way that they were with VHS, but as history has shown, VHS was a boon for them, not a threat but that doesn’t stop them discussing how to control consumers seeing their content. Through their strong links with government they are trying to fashion the future in their image. I can half understand why they take this approach, it being better for them to be in an all powerful position, but this is not only controlling how content is copied but how and when it can be used. I’m sure most consumers feel they should pay for content and not be free to give it away to everyone at no cost. I hope the consumers will start to see the content owners ultra aggressive attitude and start to view them in their true light. After all we’re buying the product, why shouldn’t we use it in the way we feel?