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Sun Startup Essentials: An Interesting Deal For Start-Ups

It’s possible that some people reading this won’t have heard of Sun. They’re a big computer company that has gone through many iterations (during the dotcom boon their moto was “The computer is the network”). We’ve covered a background below to get you up to speed on Sun, but before that, we’ve got an overview [...]

UK National Rail Booking System Down

If you’re planning on ordering a UK train ticket online today, you’re out of luck, by the looks of it.

Yahoo Games: Ad-supported Games On The Way

Yahoo is on the move again after their shenanigans with Microsoft and the possible take over. Today they’ve announced that they’re getting in to ad-supported downloadable games.

Firefox 3 Launch: 8.3m Downloads

Well done to Firefox on the successful launch of the third version of their browser, Firefox 3. They’d been hoping to go for the world record of the most amount of downloads of a browser in a single 24 hour period, or a day as it’s commonly known.

Zattoo Mini Review: Live TV Streaming On Your Computer

Zattoo is a P2P applications for all three computer platforms (Linux, Mac and Windows) that lets you view live streams of many TV channels.

Warner Music And Last.FM Part Company: Brief Analysis

Friday saw the news that Warner Music and Last.FM had ended their arrangement to have Warner’s music play on the free on-demand music streaming service that Last.FM runs. It’s unclear if Warner’s dropped Last.FM or if Warner’s were themselves dropped.

Film Studios Relying On Web Trailers

Web movie trailers now a vital part of a film’s promotion.

TV Clips: Channel 4 In Brightcove Deal

UK Broadcaster, Channel 4, have announced that they’re starting a “TV Clips” broadband channel which will feature clips from current TV programmes, an archive of the best moments from Channel 4′s 25 years of broadcasting, and a preview of new programming coming to Channel 4.

Is The TV Content Industry Finally Starting To Wake Up?

MTV Networks Chairman and Chief Executive Judy McGrath said of Web distributed content and TV content, at the Reuters Media Summit, “One does not diminish the other by any stretch of the imagination. That is kind of our hat trick.” Wow what a change around that is in the TV world.

A Third Pay For Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’ Download Album

Apparently a third of the people who downloaded the Radiohead album, In Ranbows, that let punters pick their own price for the it, paid for it at all, say Comscore, who carried out a survey of online behavior of over 2 million Internet users.