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Non-iPhone AudioBoo In Beta

Following the piece we wrote on AudioBoo, there’s been a development. Mark Rock, CEO of Best Before, told us that they have a new service in Beta that lets any phone – not just iPhones, as is currently the case – call in to leave a Boo. They’re playing with the name PhoneBoo to describe [...]

eBay To Sell Off Skype? Speculation Grows

Rumours abound that Skype is up for sale with Google a potential purchaser.

snom 820 review: VoIP Phone First look and Setup (video) Exclusive

We’ve got hold of the new top of the line handset from snom – the snom 820 – and are the first to review it. It’s the flagship – and currently only member of – the new snom 8 Series range and radically redesigned from their 3xx series. The look is striking, making it stand [...]

Siemens C475IP DECT Cordless VoIP Phone Review (77%)

The small box that the system comes in is deceiving. It contains a DECT phone and basestation, but when you examine the basestation alongside the expected phone connector, there’s a an Ethernet connector too. The basestation is both a normal telephone answering machine and a VoIP capable device which can be used with up to [...]

VoIP Providers Must Provide Access To 999 Services

All providers of electronic communication networks are governed by the Communications Act 2003 which contains several general conditions and around 21 of these relate to communication networks. Anyone running a communications network has obligations under the General Conditions and General Condition 4 (GC4) relates to emergency services.

Vocera, WiFi VoIP, Improves Hospital Efficiency

Digital-Lifestyles has had its eye on Vocera since 2002, when we spotted their wireless VoIP product. We followed it up in 2004. Rather than a more ‘normal’ VoIP product that apes the everyday PoTS (Plain old Telephone Service) that we’re historically used to, it takes a leap forward, doing away with a numeric key pad. [...]

Freshtel Announce Tesco Mobile VoIP Trial

As predicted last week on Digital-Lifestyles, Tesco has announced a Mobile VoIP deal with Freshtel, initially a trial. More details were disclosed at the press conference yesterday. The most significant feature of the service is that calls will be able to be made from the existing mobile number. This is the first time we’ve heard [...]

Tesco Launching Mobile VoIP?

Mobile VoIP has been a difficult product to get to the point where the general public accept it, with much of that difficulty being down to configuring the product. In just over a week, the acceptance by the public and their exposure to mobile VoIP may change.

Voipfone Broadband: A Managed DSL Service VoIP Users

Voipfone continues to expand their available services, now adding Voipfone Broadband to their offerings.

Go!Messenger: IM, Video And Chat On PSP

BT and Sony have announced the release of Go!Messenger, software that runs on Sony’s handheld PSP, enabling Video, Voice and Instant Messaging communications.