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Spotify Hit By Hackers: Suggest Password Change: UPDATED

Spotify, the fab online music service, has been hit by hackers. In a mail just sent out to Spotify users, they reveal that the Spotify protocol – the method they use to transfer music to subscribers – has been compromised by a hacking group.

UK Internet: Censored Since 2004

The recent story about Wikipedia being censored by a large number of UK ISPs has raised a lot of blog post/ tweets / column inches about quite how terrible / good it is that our Internet is not free and open. Wake up UK! … this ain’t nothing new.

IWF: How Web Sites Become Banned In The UK

Given all of the attention on the banning of Web sites in the UK (read Wikipedia / Scorpions album), we thought we’d give you the inside view on how it comes about. The setup If a member of the public raises an objection to a Web site to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the IWF [...]

Apple User Copy Protection Fury

It’s looking like Apple has built copy protection into their new laptops, without bothering to tell prospective purchasers about it. The currently Apple-faithful who have bought the new laptops, including the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, are finding that if they try to play films – that they have legitimately rented through Apple iTunes Store [...]

Google Adds Activity Logging to GMail

You may have seen that every now and again we’ll point out new features in Google’s applications.

£17 eBay Camera Contained Top Secret Information

Here’s another tale of UK data loss that has to be one for the “You couldn’t make it up” files. An Englishman has bought a Nikon Coolpix camera from eBay for £17 that had lots of secret information stored on it. According to The Sun, list is considerable. a document marked “top secret” detailed the [...]

RealDVD Brings Lawsuit From Hollywood

A strong sense of Deja Vu is flowing thick around the Digital-Lifestyles offices today as we hear that ‘Hollywood’ is to take legal action against Real Network for their DVD copying software, RealDVD. Five years ago last month, the collected legal might of the Hollywood studios took a disliking to 321 Studios as they too [...]

Police USB Memory Stick Lost

It’s starting to feel like we could almost start a new site _just_ about data loss in the UK. The latest is West Midlands Police who are reported as having lost a 4GB USB memory stick containing unencrypted classified information about suspected terrorists.

Paris Hilton: Now Star Of Spam

I’ve got over 78,000 spam emails sitting in my Gmail account – and that’s with them auto-deleting after three months. Crazy isn’t it? Normally there’s very little humour to the messages, but we can see spammers trying new methods like the news scam that they came up with recently.

Spammers Love Emails Beginning With An A, M, S, R Or P

Research finds that the first letter of your e-mail address might influence the amount of spam in your inbox.