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Pace Get 2nd Gen BT Vision Box Deal

Pace, UK-based creators of digital TV products, has won a new contract to supply BT with their next-generation V-box, for use on the BT Vision service. Previously Philips supplied the V-box (that runs the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV middleware) but following Pace’s purchase of Philips Set Top Box (STB) division, it’s natural — but we imagine [...]

DS2 Powerline Communications Thrash Wi-Fi On Apple TV

DS2 have run test to find the delivery of IPTV over PLC 200Mbps beats WiFi by a factor of four.

AVS: China’s H.264 Rival In Testing By China Telecom

It’s clear that China like to do things their own way. The latest in the list is a video CoDec’s, the algorithm that is used to compress/decompress video signals. Much of the world currently uses H.264, but China has developed its own equivalent, that they call AVS, standing for Audio Video coding Standard – an [...]

BT Vision MUST Be Ready Now, As Ad Campaign Launches

Much to our surprise, the UK public are starting to be told about the BT Vision service from BT, through a multi-million advertising campaign, with the two 60 second ads kicking off tomorrow during ITV’s ‘Grease Is The Word’. The background Since its initial ‘launch’, back in December 2006, when UK journalists were gathered together [...]

Joost: Reese’s (non)Review

Poor old Reese. He won the competition, but his computer wasn’t up to it. Wise words from him none the less.

IPTV Growth To Boost Video Market To $277Bn By 2010: iSupply

There’s some mighty big numbers knocking around iSupply’s estimates of what the video content world will be worth.

XBox 360 IPTV Coming To London

IPTV is coming to your Xbox 360, and it’s going to be shown in London for the first time in Europe in March.

Broadband-Enabled Televisions to Reach 162 Million by 2011

Slotting in nicely with Microsoft’s Xbox/IPTV Announcement (You’ll be able to watch IPTV through your Xbox toward the end of the year). Just the Beginning, says The Diffusion Group.

BT Vision:Background Interview:Dan Marks, CEO (Podcast)

By way of a background to BT Vision (launching today), here’s some background on where the boss saw it going.

BT Vision Signs Disney Content Deal

BT Vision is building up content for its IPTV service, this time with Walt Disney.