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Business Users Still Packing Multiple Gadgets

Smartphones may be promising convergence, but folks are still stocking up on the gizmos.

HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise PDA

Do-it-all PDA packs in the functionality.

PocketSurfer 2 Now Available In The UK

Superfast GPRS portable web browser in an ultra thin form factor.

SplashID v4 Review: Mobile Password Manager (90%)

Essential application for managing your precious personal data on your mobile and desktop.

Fujitsu Lifebook U810 Gets US Release

So small you want to pat it on the head and send it to bed early, Fujitsu’s diminutive Lifebook U810 is an ultramobile PC that can keep up with the big boys. Weighing just 1.6 pounds, the pint-sized, pocketable portable sports a 5.6-inch LCD touchscreen display (which can be swivelled around into a tablet PC), [...]

Pepper Pad 3 Internet Tablet Goes On Sale

Is it a laptop? Is it a PDA? Twice nay! It’s a ‘handheld media computer’!

HTC Touch Phone Review (Part 3/3 – 62%)

Final part of the review which covers the TouchFlo, Inputting Text and our conclusions.

HTC Touch Phone Review (Part 2/3)

This section of the review covers the touch, connectivity and multimedia functions.

HTC Touch Phone Review

iPhone challenger sports innovative interface, but is it good enough?

Global Mobile Gaming Revenue To Soar 50% In 2007

Mobile gaming continues to grow worldwide, although America sees slower growth.