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Diesel xXx Porn Video Event Promo

The clothing company Diesel is building up to 30th birthday. To mark it, they’re hosting parties in 17 cities around the world on the same day. Being switch on media-types, they’ve released a promo video which is more than slightly controversial – obv a great way to get attention. They’ve taken old p0rn video footage [...]

Internet Porn Addicts Targeted By US Presidential Hopefuls

The ever-irreverent News Biscuit has hit upon a story that could well be a traffic monster for them – combining Internet porn and the current presidential race. Those tricky laugh generators have penned a piece which tells us that some of the presidential hopefuls have realised that, as there are soooo many Internet p0rn addicts, [...]

YouPorn Featured In London Metro Newspaper

The times are clearly changing. Metro, one of the give-away papers in London, covered YouPorn in a whole page article in yesterday’s edition. As well as pointing out that YouPorn is supposed to be the 27th most visited site in the UK, three slots behind eBay, it surprisingly bigs up the benefits of amateur porn. [...]

New US Law Could End Social P0rn Sites

Regina Lynn has an informative and impassioned piece on Wired about a proposed US law that will extend requirements currently placed on porn studios to include online social networks, such as YouPorn.

The Archers? Podcast? Are You Serious?

The Archers, a BBC radio soap-opera that has been running for over 50 years, has now become the latest podcast from the BBC. There will be gasps of shock echoing around the UK at this news.

Porn Scum Stoop Ever Lower

The tricks used by pornographers to get you to look at their content drops to a new low – Children’s parties.

China Tackles Internet Porn

China is finding that the desire form porn isn’t just limited to the West. They’re taking action to chase it down.

DreamStripper Cabaret: I have seen the future – and it takes its clothes off

Well, if there’s one area of convergence that we haven’t been keeping up to date with, it’s obviously virtual stripping. We remember seeing a one-inch high wiggling dancer than stood on the same spot on a Windows desktop and was a dancer, not a stripper. That was about five plus years back, but since then [...]

Porn: Over A Third Of All Internet Downloads

Porn rakes in nearly $3bn a year with over 372 million porn pages to peruse.