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NDS: Permira To Take It Private

NDS, a DRM, PVR and interactive TV company, will be taken private, away from its current public listed status. News Corporation currently owns approximately 72% of the equity and a stunning 96% of the voting power of NDS through its ownership of 100% of the outstanding Series B shares.

Yahoo Takeover News Catchup

The tussle between Yahoo and Microsoft has gone through a couple of extra rounds of late. We thought we’d bring you up to date with the current state of play. Back in Feb Microsoft offered Yahoo $44Bn. Yahoo said no thanks.

Murdoch Interested In Yahoo?

It’s being reported that there’s ‘secret’ discussion going on between Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Yahoo, apparently in an attempt to find an alternative route to Microsoft buying it.

24-7 Football: Sky Offer To Mobile UK

As we’re not fans of football, we’re constantly amazed at how keen people are to watch the game that involves people kicking a pig’s bladder around an oblong section of grass. Ho, Hmm. Never one to not take the opportunity of cramming more football into people lives, Sky TV has teamed up with a load [...]

Dow Jones Board Votes Yes: Murdoch One Step Closer To Ownership

It’s in the balance as to whether Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. will gain control over Dow Jones and the WSJ.

MySpace Introduces Copyright Protection For Videos

New ‘Take Down Stay Down’ technology aims to keep dodgy content of members’ profiles.

MySpace News Take On Google News and Digg

Where did they get that idea from? Will it fly?

The Next Newspaper Web-olution

In the wake of US newspaper USA Today recently unveiling a new version of their site with more cutting edge ‘new media’ features than any other, I thought it might be a good time to have a look at the challenges posed to newspapers by the onslaught of new media, what they are be doing [...]

Ofcom Should Force Sky To Open Its Platform: Opinion

How much longer will Murdoch’s Sky force channels to use it’s own DVB-CA?

News Corp Buy 51% Of Jamba For $187m!

Will the seemingly crazy purchase of ringtone company Jamba turn out to be another MySpace for Murdoch?